I would like to nominate the following person for one free DesignUp pass because of their amazing volunteer work for COVID relief. I do understand that this person should be interested in attending DesignUpForACause, which is being held on June 11-June 20.

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    Person nominated (You can nominate yourself)

    Person submitting application


    What is special about this year’s DesignUp?

    This year it is #DesignUpForACause. Proceeds from ticket sales are going to COVID relief organisations, Goonj and Hemkunt Foundation. So you not only get inspiration from amazing people, you are contributing to a great cause. If you are nominating someone else, we strongly recommend you sign up and get a pass as well.

    How much is the pass worth?

    While there is no upper limit on how much you can donate, the minimum amount for a pass is Rs.6750 or US$90.

    What are the criteria for nominating someone?
    There are no fixed criteria. We want to show our appreciation to people who went above and beyond to volunteer for COVID relief. Anyone who did that qualifies for nomination.

    Can I nominate myself?
    Yes, you can.

    Does the person I nominate have to be from the design, product or branding world?
    No, they don’t. But they have to be interested in attending DesignUp. What’s the point of nominating someone who is not interested in the conference?

    How will you judge the entries?
    We will judge them based on effort and impact.

    Who is the jury?
    The shortlist will be done by the THC team and we will then consult experts to get their opinion.

    Can I nominate more than one person?
    Yes you can, but you need to fill out another form. It’s one person per form.