Meeta Malhotra - The Hard Copy

I started The Hard Copy because I found it frustrating that there was so much information asymmetry in the creator ecosystem in India.

Despite a rich, diverse and growing set of creators and makers, there is no documentation, no single point of reference, no one place where the community can share and learn.

As I started this journey, I realised that there was a bigger issue to be solved – and that was to redefine the way creators and creativity are commonly viewed. Instead of living and working in our own bubbles, we need to help businesses, government and investors understand the true value of what our community brings to the table. I believe that this is best achieved by an inclusive approach, where they view themselves as creators too.

I make this claim, based on my own experience. I am not a designer. My first job was with Infosys in 1998. For 15 years, from 2000 to 2015, I was partner, strategist and ‘suit’ at Ray+Keshavan, arguably a firm that was India’s brand design pioneer. After its acquisition by WPP, I was lucky enough to actually build an enterprise product (KineticGlue), divest again and then spend time understanding and investing in the startup ecosystem. Today, I view myself as a creator and I know how much this added dimension has changed my work and life.

So, welcome on board. I very much hope you will be part of our community and our journey. I’ll be sharing everything we do and I’d love to hear your feedback.

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