The Hard Copy helps you build digital-first brands

How We Help

1. Consulting Services

Our founder, Meeta Malhotra, is one of India’s leading branding consultants. Get in touch if you are looking for a spectrum of flexible, brand-related, consulting services that range from project-based engagements to advisory services and hourly consulting.

Our calendar for 2024 is currently full.

2. Resources & Templates

Sometimes all you need is a bit of guidance on how to get your brand over the finish line. We are developing a rich set of DIY resources and templates that you can download and work on yourself. Quite unlike the generic templates available all over the Internet, these resources are detailed, tested in real-world situations and built by expert practitioners.

For Founders

We are building a whole section devoted to you with tips, examples, playbooks, evaluation, metrics – everything founders need to know about brand-building and marketing.

Check it out here

For Agencies

Currently, we offer Brand Design and UI/ UX Design proposal templates for creative agencies. These have already sold hundreds of copies around the world.

Check our page for more soon-to-be-released resources

3. Content

We are focused on bringing you original and useful content on how brands are being built today. We don’t publish press releases. From case studies to insights, we get granular with both big and emerging brands to get you a practitioner’s perspective. Our coverage includes strategy, design, product and marketing because you need all of those to build a successful brand today.

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There are no ads, no sponsored content, no clickbait. Just honest writing that aims to be useful.

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If you have any questions, just drop us a line at community@thehardcopy.co – we always look forward to hearing from you.