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We receive a large volume of requests for featuring work in THC. We understand the love and labour that goes into each brand and we really wish we could carry them all, but that is not possible. Please read the following guidelines before you submit work.

The decision to publish or not publish rests with our expert team and is final.

For your brand to be featured in a case study

The objective of our case studies is to provide evergreen resources from which our readers can learn about all that goes into growing a brand.

  1. Both client and agency must participate. Only agency submissions are not enough. We need to speak to the founding or equivalent team at both.
  2. We request that you submit a brand that has achieved some scale, so there are lessons to learn from it.
  3. We love and need data
  4. The work must show impact and be something that will excite our very demanding and
    discerning readers (like yourself).
  5. If it’s already been covered a zillion times in bigger publications, then it’s a waste of
    everyone’s time to carry the exact same information again.
  6. Case studies are not fluff pieces or PR releases. The objective is to share with the community so everyone can learn, and we request you submit in that spirit. We don’t carry cringey, self-serving quotes.

For newsletter mention

The objective of our weekly newsletter is to carry updates on the brand and design world. Here we merely report on brands that are important in their industries – the mention is not always an endorsement of the work. We also welcome submissions for interesting campaigns, rebrands, and Tastemaker suggestions and will always credit the source.

For social

Our social handles are focused on highlighting good design and branding work, from big and small agencies and studios around the world. Brands can be big or small – we’ll only carry it if our team likes it.

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