DesignUp 2019

Call for scholarships

A love for design and writing will take you far – to DesignUp 2019 actually

Apply now for the DesignUp X The Hard Copy X PhonePe scholarships and get an all expenses paid opportunity to be at DesignUp.

You could be a student or a beginner, an experienced pro working in a new-age publication or someone who wants to transform a side-project into something more serious and long-lasting. You don’t need to be a designer, but understanding design helps!

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What we expect

For the duration of the conference you will tell the DesignUp 2018 Conference story — the people, the talks, tracks, the workshops — in your own unique voice.
Whether it’s funny, serious, thoughtful, quirky, sharply insightful, illustrated, narrated, taped. A series of linked ‘publications’ is what we are expecting. These could be live, via some social media platform, or on your own site. DesignUp and The Hard Copy site and their various social media channels will also be available.

After the conference

We’re always on the lookout for writers who ‘get’ design so who knows, this could be the start of a beautiful relationship!

The Hard Copy - Contest

Platform for Artists - Kyoorius DesignYatra 2019

Platform for Artists wins ‘best passion project’ and free passes to Kyoorius DesignYatra 2019

Founded in 2017 by Pawan Rochwani and Kshitija Sarda, both creators themselves, Platform for Artists is a platform to discover and connect with the creator community. While the ‘discovery’ part of the platform takes a fee from brands and businesses to connect them to creators, the community vertical uses these funds to organise exhibitions, meetups, photowalks, webinars and offline events. Currently Platform for Artists is associated with more than 20,000 artists and has hosted more than 350 events in more than 15 cities.

Special Hat-tip + 1 Pass

Contracts For Creators by Ayesha Kapadia, Manojna Yeluri and Mihir Joshi

Free contractual information for the empowerment of the creative community.

The Shortlist

Audiogyan by Kedar Nimkar

A podcast on design, arts and philosophy with artists, designers, architects and musicians.

Design Lota by Angeline Bhavya and Sushmita Charlu

A podcast that interviews creators and discusses life as Indian designers.

D+P (Design + Product) by Madhuri Maram

Curated job listings for the design and product community.

Follow by Karan Kumar, Jayesh Malani and Nishanth Gantha

A video podcast that interviews well-known creators and talks of seldom-discussed issues.

Gauhati Arts Project

An urban arts collective to support creators in Assam.

Indian Gig Poster Archive by Mohini Mukherjee

A site that archives and records posters made for independent music gigs in India.

Lopez Design Forum by Lopez Design

A platform for art and design veterans to share their experience and young designers to share their work.

The Plated Project by Chlorophyll Innovation Lab

Artists create limited edition asset plates that help put food on someone else‘s plate.