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Matrix Partners

Old and new Matrix partners logo

Who: The Indian arm of American venture capital firm, Matrix Partners

Why: Increasingly, Indian / Asian arms of venture capital firms are moving to autonomous funds, with their own themes, cost structures and functioning. The rebrand serves to signal this new, local approach.

What: The Indian arm of US-based, venture capital firm, Matrix Partners, has rebranded to Z47.

The press release says that “The new name is inspired by India’s journey towards a developed country by 2047.”

We’re not sure what happens to the name in 2048, but there seems to be an emerging pattern to VC rebrands. There’s already an A91 and the fund that was previously Sequoia in India, rebranded to Peak XV Partners in 2023.

Also don’t ask us if it is pronounced ‘Zee’ or ‘Zed.’ We’ll tell you when we know.

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