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Siri & Apple Intelligence

Old and new Siri logo

Who: At the WWDC in June 2024, Apple announced a rebrand for Siri as well as an AI platform called Apple Intelligence.

Why: Until now, Apple has been seen as a laggard in the AI space and Siri subject to much ridicule. With Apple Intelligence, the company signals their ambition goes way beyond Siri

What: Gradients: Et tu Apple? We were taken aback by the unimaginative logos, but we have to say this is a branding masterstroke:

  1. Everyone working with AI – and all its problems – is now clubbed together, while Apple Intelligence seems like a proprietary platform, controlled by the company and in sync with its promise of privacy. (Yes, we know that this is a mirage, given the integration with OpenAi.)
  2. Apple has done this before. It launched the “Computer for the rest of us.” As Scott Galloway says, Apple Intelligence is AI for the rest of us.
  3. For everyone asking if the fact that Apple starts with “A” is important – the answer is No. There was nothing stopping Google from introducing Google Intelligence.
Table with companies, ai platforms and AI agents

Apple has always protected its terminology and its turf. Read how it did this for Vision Pro too.

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