Proposal & Pitch Templates For Creative Businesses

Proposal & Pitch Templates For Creative Businesses

Based on actual proposals and pitches from the most successful businesses in the world, including design, branding, marketing and software development firms.

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Who Has Made These Templates?

These templates are made by practitioners – people who have won and executed the biggest projects around the globe. Read about our founder here.

Why Buy?

This pack has everything you need to send out compelling proposals for any sort of creative service – from brand design to digital design, marketing to software development. It doesn’t matter what your specific business offering is, these templates will help you create a proposal that maximises your chances of success through a format that:

1. Presents a polished, professional and expert face to prospective clients

For example: A clear description of your process and roadmap helps clients feel they are in safe hands. We’ve created slides that you can adapt and use right away.

2. Ensures there is complete clarity about deliverables

For example: A list of deliverables that can be matched to a folder of files will help you avoid ambiguity and collect your money faster.

3. Protects your interests through terms and conditions that are used by the largest, most seasoned firms

For example: How to create payment milestones that are dependent on your delivery and not on client approval. 

Inside this Pack

01. Start Here.pdf

A note on how to get the best out of your pack

02. THC Proposal & Pitch Template (Powerpoint & Keynote)

  • This deck has detailed slides that you can start adapting and filling out right away.
  • This is typically the first deck you would send out or present when there is a client enquiry.
  • It allows you present your credentials and case studies, as well as early thoughts and / or pitch ideas.

03. Design Inspiration

This folder contains three sample Keynote and Powerpoint decks for colour and design inspiration. You can start using these slides right away.

04. Checklist

Once you’ve filled in details and got your Proposal & Pitch deck ready, go though this handy checklist before you send it to your client.

05. THC Proposal Template.doc

You would typically use this template, after you’ve sent in your initial Proposal & Pitch deck, you and the client have come to some sort of verbal agreement and now need to ink a formal agreement. This has formal terms that are in your best interest.