Right now, everyone is talking about digital marketing because of Covid. Are things likely to go back to normal once we are all vaccinated?

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Here’s our view:

  1. Many of the digital changes brought about by Covid accelerated pre-existing trends: ecommerce, contactless delivery, telemedicine, etc. Many of these will stay because people can see the benefits.
  2. Take e-commerce for example. The number of Indian online shoppers is expected to double to 300-350 million by 2025. What do you think this will mean for digital marketing?
  3. Having said that, there will be all manner of new technologies and formats that brand-builders will need to be cognisant of – voice, vernacular, AR, social and influencer-enabled video shopping are just a few. New platforms like Discord are also increasing in importance.

So if you’re a marketer, definitely think digital and buckle up for an interesting ride.

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