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Dominos Launches New Packaging

Elephant Design helped Dominos redesign their packaging to address Gen Z audiences.

Pack of Dominos pizza with illisutrations

222 pizzas whizz out of Dominos India’s kitchens every minute.

However, Domino’s traditional pizza packaging was not resonating in a delivery landscape that now offers a multitude of options. The brand’s image, rooted in a different era, did not address a generation that craves experiences over consumption.

Domino’s partnered with Elephant Design to redesign their packaging. Says Team Elephant, “The most interesting insight from our conversations with Gen Z and others alike, was about the magic that happens when we share a pizza in a variety of situations. Every such occasion unearthed an opportunity for making an emotional connection. So our concept for the packaging was built around these ‘slice of life’ moments that captured what happens over a slice of pizza. Our visual expression in the form of lively illustrations ensured a connect, and yet left ample room for imagination. ”

Elephant’s solution was a design strategy called “The Slice of Life.” The canvas became the food boxes themselves and stereotypical product close-ups were replaced by playful illustrations.

The illustrations depict real-life scenarios: friends brainstorming over a late-night pizza, families gathered for a movie marathon, and even awkward first dates finding cheesy comfort in each other’s company. The objective was to capture the magic that happens only with shared experiences over a slice of pizza.

The approach has been applied across the product range.

Dominos garlic bread packaging
Dominos cake packaging

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