Oliver Lo, VP, Sequoia on all things brand

Oliver is an integrated marketing leader with 15 years of experience building and delivering hyper-growth for tech brands such as Zynga, App Annie and Grab. He has experience building marketing teams in all the major tech hubs – San Francisco, Beijing, London and Singapore. He now supports a host of early-stage founders on the Surge program for Sequoia Capital.

Topics we’ll be covering in the interview

  1. Defining brand messaging: B2B and B2C
  2. Brand marketing vs performance marketing vs product marketing vs growth marketing
  3. Measuring brand marketing efforts
  4. Driving brand through the organisation
  5. Hiring a marketing team

Leave your question in the comments below before Thursday, 9th August, 12 noon IST and we’ll do our best to have it answered


  1. We make video editing easy, there are a lot of companies in that space but we are 100% sure that our product is just easier to use. Can you make a brand message out of that?

  2. I am looking for some online courses which can help me with design thinking process or brand designing. Since I don’t have a professional design degree, I am looking for one with online classes or long distance courses. Could you tell me names of universities(all over the world) that offer such long distance/online courses?

  3. We’re trying a product-led growth hack where we demonstrate how our martech product works for marketers with a simple tool on our website. Our product and ui team is involved but not our brand team – is this ok? How would brand fit into this?

  4. What are the must-haves in a tech marketing stack? We’re a fashion commerce site, bootstrapped and making close to Rs. 6 crore a year

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