1. This is a great article, the PaperBoat case study is a feather on the cap at Elephant and probably the most successful case study. The shape of the pouch in itself is the differentiator, and it shows the capability of design thinking in problem-solving and creation.

  2. Such a great story/. Paperboat has done the grind these lessons are more valuable than brands who don’t know what 905 of the Indan retail market behaves like

  3. Paperboats design-centricity is commendable. Wish more people would think like Neeraj. He is stating a simple and true fact. If you GTM with shitty design, you haven’t given your product a fighting chance

  4. Nice insight into success of Paperboat. The product from this house has really caught the consumers eyes and taste. Availability of their product is seen more in higher class outlets rather than middle or lower class outlets. In between they had started “MASALA MILK” (if I am not wrong) which was a great product but I don’t know why they stopped it. Thanks for this article. I am more interested to know about our desi brand stories (success or failure doesn’t matter)

  5. I did not realise how much I needed this Case Study! I remember everyone back in college (2-3 years ago) was so fascinated by Paperboat when it came out, and it’s always a delight to see what new flavours they are launching, and how its graphics will be. Perfect example of design-led product development & marketing.

  6. Always wanted to read about Indian cases.
    Here I want to know what are the challenges that are ahead for them?
    Who are their current direct competitors?
    There’s always a chance of a bigger brand catching up with all their might?

  7. I was hoping for a de-construction of the packaging design or even a discussion of how the brand purpose or positioning, converged into this particular design. As a consumer myself, I tend to feel the ‘hero’ is the packaging design.

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