1. I love PHOOL! And I did find them on Instagram, was smitten by their packaging, and their products definitely live up to the price. I have been a user and gifter of their incense sticks and cones, and have always received positive feedback. I’m cheering them on!

  2. Stunning stunning work. And as you say, made more than surface-beautiful because of their mission. Keep covering gems like this THC. Am headed to buy some Phool now

  3. If you are going to fight the big players, and be premium, no way to do it without a very memorable brand. Kudos that Phool has been able to do this without spending millions.

  4. Strikingly different & instantly appealing!
    Everything – the product, the packaging, the cause, all bundled in a great value offering.
    Wonderful to know about this brand.

  5. hey The Hard Copy! so i have been avidly reading your articles and i sometimes i feel like saving some of them…Is there a way i can save these articles? just asking randomly 😛

    • Hey Vaidehi, you just made our week! 💃🏽Currently the only way is to bookmark the articles. We are planning to do a downloadable later with our most popular ones and we’ll be sure to let you know when we do that.

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