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A key difference between a good designer and a great designer is that the latter understands the ecosystem they work in. Great designers understand the intersections between their work and the many other disciplines and practices that play a part in bringing their work to life. This ranges from input and operational costs to manufacturing or coding, as the case may be. You don’t need to be a specialist, but you need to understand the overlaps and implications. 

My recommendation to all creators and makers is to take the effort to identify, understand and empathise with the people and processes that are part of your ecosystem. This is critical not just for design success, but for your own growth and maturity.

It is easy to be in a comfort zone, where everyone is like you and speaks and understands your language. However, you must step out into what may be unfamiliar territory at first.  That is the best way to build confidence, grow and access new opportunities. You may also be surprised at the sources of inspiration you will find when you open yourself up to new experiences. 


  1. Creators shall not be conformists while bringing out innovative products.Ability to adopt and adpt to the environment where the individual works is necessary to convert his ideas into successful products or services.

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