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Role of Design in Paid Digital Marketing

What is the role of design in paid, digital marketing? Our agency tells us it doesn’t matter as long as the ad converts.

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What is the role of design in paid digital marketing? Our agency tells us it doesn’t matter as long as the ad converts.

First be very clear about what you mean by ‘design.’ Design means the campaign must solve the problem at hand, which means it must deliver results in the best way possible. In terms of aesthetics and personality, the campaign must also align with your overall brand experience.

A well-designed paid marketing campaign will help in two ways:

  1. It will actually improve conversion. In fact the follow-up question you should be asking your agency is “At what cost did we convert customers? If we had better design and therefore better communication, would we not be able to convert much more efficiently?”
  2. It will help to create brand awareness and engagement. Too many brands have faltered and died, because campaigns were set up only for short-term conversion, without any thought to brand or design. This creates a leaky bucket, where you have to keep spending money to acquire customers.

If poor design ends up creating poor brand perception, that is extremely hard and expensive to undo.

The job of your agency is not to consider conversion in one isolated campaign, but to look at the best way to achieve brand and business goals over the medium term.

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