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Wall System by Honest Structures

If you’re looking for a well-designed, flexible storage unit to help you get organised, this week’s Tastemaker, Mohor Dahiya, Co-founder, Codesign, has a great recommendation for you.

Wood and plastic shelves with perforations
A wall unit with modular shelves and drawers

Recommended by: Mohor Dahiya

Mohor is the co-founder of Codesign, one of India’s leading brand identity design practices, building some of India’s most loved, trusted and courageous brands, by design. A series of annoying childhood traits of being perpetually curious, refusing to settle and arguing every possible character angle in a story, have served her shockingly well in adulthood and life in branding. She switches seamlessly between words & image-making, strategy & craft, and can find amusement, beauty or both in any given situation.

Wall System by Honest Structures

Price: Varies, Mohor’s configuration cost Rs. 40-45,000

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Why Mohor recommends this


I love the choices that the wall system offers—with a set of ‘intelligent’ components & customisation that work with the basic framework, you can build your unit to suit your specific functional storage needs, and make it aesthetically pop or blend into the vision for your space. I use it as a little ‘working corner’ at home, many others use it for offices, retail & public spaces like schools, libraries etc.  


I’m a slow, reluctant shopper. Which is why I tend to always worry about how long a product will last, and whether it will age well. On days I feel cocky, I might even call myself a conscious buyer. These wall systems are made to last. They are reconfigurable, renew-able and refurbish-able. And made of easy to recycle materials. So you’ll be kinder to the planet, or like me relieved that you don’t have to buy one again in a couple of years.

Build quality

I know this should be a given for all product brands, but sadly more often than not, I’m disappointed with the eventual material/construction/manufacturing quality of upstart ‘designerly’ brands that look great on the gram. It could be a combination of multiple factors—the choice of materials, the simplicity of processes involved, or maybe just the fierce meticulousness of the team—but Honest Structures has gotten something right with the mix. A well-made product really does bring so much joy!


My particular configuration cost around 40-45K.

If you find it steep, you may want to consider the fact that it offers a high degree of customisation for your specific needs and that it will last for ages!

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