Welcome to the other side. You made it through 2020.

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We know it’s been a hard year, but we still think it’s important to stop, reflect and plan for this one. We launched the THC Personal and Professional Growth Planner last year so you could convert your wish list into actual goals and milestones.

5000+ people downloaded the THC Personal & Professional Growth Planner last year and we received an avalanche of feedback about how helpful it was. Based on user. feedback, we’ve updated the Planner so it’s even more relevant for 2021

Go to this Google Doc that you can download and start working on right away, without any fuss. It’s not pretty, but it’s very efficient. Remember you don’t need to ask for access. Just go to File in the Menu and hit Download in the Menu to download the editable to your computer. Click Here to Start

You should modify the pre-populated attributes that don’t work for you. Even the divide between personal and professional goals can seem artificial to some. One of our team members just combined the tables into one ‘Life Planner’. While it’s a good idea to complete the planner in one or two sittings, it is meant to be a dynamic document that you update the whole year. The objective is to start being mindful of the goals you want to accomplish and the best route to do so.

Thinking about personal and professional growth is not a once-in-a-year exercise.

Use the THC Growth Planner to record your progress and revisit your goals. Do try it and send us your feedback at community@thehardcopy.co

We’d love to hear from you.


  1. Since you have done this two years in a row, you should consider making a product of it that auto-tracks monthly progress. Happy to help

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