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TSK Design Creates Brand Identity for FeedMyBangalore

The team created and delivered the identity for this not-for-profit initiative in record time

The Client

A group of entrepreneurs, corporates and start-ups have come together with an immediate goal to feed 3,00,000 people who have been impacted by the lockdown. This includes Venkat KN, Chief Executive Officer, Prestige Group, Juggy Marwaha, Executive MD, JLL India and K Ganesh, Serial Entrepreneur and Partner,

The Challenge

To achieve their goal, the group needed funding, volunteers on the ground and support from local corporations like the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP). All of this, in turn, demanded a brand identity to legitimise and mobilise the project at the earliest. In this case, the earliest meant just three hours!

The Context

For all of us, including TSK Design, this is a strange time.  Founder, Tania Khosla says that the project was a welcome opportunity to be part of a good cause, at a time when we are all feeling a little helpless.

The Design Solution

Without too much time for strategic thinking, Team TSK says they reacted from the gut. The identity needed to be optimistic, bold and easy to understand across language and socio-economic barriers.

Two facing ‘e‘ letterforms, derived from those in the word ‘Feed‘, have been used to create a heart-shaped symbol

The logo was crafted from the 2 e’s in the word ‘Feed’. The symbol is a heart – a universally recognised motif.  

A subtle detail in the heart symbol is that the two curves or ‘eyes’ of the ‘e’ do not touch each other, while the two ends do. This is a call to the fact that, while we need to be socially distancing, we are all connected and in it together.

In addition to the primary lock-up, designed for social media and quick recall, a circular symbol of the heart along with the acronym for each city, forms an easily identifiable icon.

The color is a bright, punchy, positive orange – exuding a feeling of joy and optimism. The orange is bold and eye-catching and works extremely well in an urban context , to distinctly sign-post trucks that are set up across the city to distribute food.

The Impact

The movement has spread from Bangalore to Hyderabad and Mumbai. The team has delivered over 100,000 meals to date.

The identity extends seamlessly across cities as the initiative expands in scope

TSK Design says they hope and believe that the simple, catchy, ‘feel good’ branding has played a small part in mobilising funding and volunteers and resonated with the people who are being served.

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