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Building a Challenger Brand with Shashank Mehta, Founder, The Whole Truth

Don’t miss this meetup if you are interested in how to build a consumer brand from scratch

Building a challenger brand

After a stint in Unilever India, Shashank launched The Whole Truth, a range of premium protein products that have become hugely popular. We ran his story of building the brand and received so many mails from readers asking for a meetup. Here it is.

From product to packaging to communication, everything TWT does is the opposite of the big players. We put Shashank in the hot-seat and got him to answer questions about his lessons – from product, to storytelling, distribution to design.

The recording of this session will be available for attendees soon.

Our Food is Screwed

Watch Shashank in this non-ad that broke the Internet.

You can follow him here on Twitter


  1. Hi…tasted ur dark chocolate peanut butter…it was awesome…has order one more jar of peanut butter and protein bar for taste…. really liked ur product and quiet impressed by genuineness…. doing great work…wish you lots of success for the future.

    1. Yes it is. Date and time mentioned above. Saturday, 20th March. 11 am to 12 noon. Rs. 300 fee to reserve your spot. Hope to see you there

      1. Thanks. Time is *not* mentioned above. Please re-read your copy. Information that is online on Zoom was also added later.

        1. Apologies Dawood. Time is mentioned on the image but we realise that it’s not clear enough. Have edited text. Yup, Zoom was added after you and a couple of other folks asked if the Meetup was online. Our bad – we need to exist our pandemic brain freeze 😩

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