1. If the observation is that people understand more in the voice message as compared to scrolling text…. why don’t u implement that here as well… y so much to read then…4min read time heads up definitely help but then when u look up the article on a small mobile phone screen it definitely does not look like 4 min thing and then readers loose interest!

    • Thanks Srishti, we agree that long reads are hard on a mobile. We’re trying to figure out a solution to this. Think that just having voice instead of text may not be the solution, because you can scan thru text quickly but voice is linear and you have to listen to the whole thing. Working on it 🙂

  2. Really on-point observations. Thanks for sharing Prashant. Maybe this knowledge exists inside big cos – but it is not avlble to all of us

  3. Fantastic story – we need one place to capture all this info. People sitting in ac offices on iPhones cannot design for Bharat. All it takes is the will to interact on ground with users who are not like you

  4. I hv a qs for Prashant – if you were VP Product at Paytm, didn’t you have these learnings when you were working there? Surely Paytm will have had a huge Bharat-research team? Is it that you can only share now, because you are no longer working there? This is a genuine qs, not trolling. I just want to understand what is the level of user research in these mega cos. TIA.

  5. As a startup founder, I can tell you that the big issue is that researchers tend to listen to what respondents tell them. Especially in the case of joint families this will be false- kids never want to admit they have no control and will give all kinds of answers. As Prashant says, you have to be embedded in their context to know what is unarticulated. Same with merchants – they will say Yes Yes, just to get you out of their shop and get back to dhanda.

    • Listening is not the only research methodology. Users don’t always say what the problem is so choosing the right methodology is very important to gain the right insights.

  6. Observation is quite good but i think one point is missing related to “language”.
    Do they use “hindi” as a default language in their phone ?

  7. Some of these are familiar and validate existing understanding and some are fascinating – eg. understanding icon placement from Chinese Porn Apps – I’d be curious to know how this conversation would have gone, because people don’t always know where they get their habits from.

  8. Most observations make sense except the absence of Phone Pe part. The ‘why of it’ isn’t there. Given Phone Pe has a far better UI than G-pay what could be the likely reasons for the same?

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