Combo Pack: Pitch & Proposal Templates (UI / UX + Brand Design)

This value combo pack includes templates for both brand design and UI /UX design. Both are based on proposals and pitches from the most successful businesses in the world and curated by experts.

You can use the decks separately if you are pitching for either brand design or UI/UX projects. Or you combine the slides you need to create one deck if you are pitching for one consolidated project.

File Size: 228MB. For any support, mail us here

What’s the difference between a winning proposal and one that doesn’t get noticed? It’s the storytelling, the positioning and the nuances. Now you can use the same templates that are used by the biggest firms around the globe. We’ve also included Pro tips to guide you through the process so you get every little detail right.

Who Has Made These Templates?

These templates are made by practitioners – people who have won and executed the biggest design projects around the globe. THC Founder, Meeta Malhotra, was partner at a design studio that was acquired by WPP, one of the world’s largest communication conglomerates. She has pitched for and won multimillion dollar projects and worked with CXO teams to build leading Indian and global brands. Meeta has seen how poor storytelling, communication and presentation skills let the most talented teams down. These templates will ensure that even the smallest creative firm starts with a level playing field when it comes to the format of their pitch and proposal. Seasoned UI/UX experts have consulted with us to create both sets of templates.

Why Buy?

Everyone will showcase the same process – it is the value additions you make that demonstrate your capabilities to the client. For a great, packed-with-value price, this pack gives you everything you need to send out a compelling proposal for:

  1. Brand Design Project: This includes brand identity design, packaging or visual communications. See more details and samples
  2. UI / UX Design. This includes website and app design. See details and samples

Inside this Pack

Once you complete the purchase, two zipped folders: THC Brand Design Proposal & Pitch Templates and THC UI / UX Design Proposal & Pitch Templates will automatically download to your computer. Each of these will contain the following:

01. Start Here.pdf

Read this first. It is a note on how to get the best out of your purchase

02. THC Proposal & Pitch Template (Powerpoint & Keynote)

  • This deck has detailed, beautifully designed slides that you can start adapting and filling out right away.
  • It shows you how to present your credentials and case studies, as well as early thoughts and / or pitch ideas.
  • It also has a sample case study
  • Read the Pro Tips carefully – they make all the difference

03. Checklist

Once you’ve filled in details and got your Proposal & Pitch deck ready, go though this handy checklist before you send it to your client.

04. THC Proposal Template.doc

You would typically use this template, after you’ve sent in your initial Proposal & Pitch deck, you and the client have come to some sort of verbal agreement and now need to ink a formal agreement. This has formal terms that are in your best interest.


Q1: Are these templates ready to use?

Yes, all slides in these these templates are beautifully designed. You just need to add in your content

Q2: Do they contain images? Can I use them?

The slides contain a number of images. Many of these are copyright-free and you can use them. Some have restricted distribution and we have clearly indicated that. Please do not use them in your final proposal.

Q3: Do they contain a sample?

Yes, we have included a sample for a creative pitch for each template to show you exactly how to use the design strategy tools

Q4: Can I get an invoice in my company’s name?

Yes, please write in to us after purchasing and we will issue an invoice in your company’s name

Q5: What’s your upgrade policy?

Any upgrades to this pack within 12 months of your purchase will be free for you and mailed to you automatically.