Sunit Singh: Unlocking Nature in Lockdown 2020

Well-known designer Sunit Singh has launched a book with birds photographed during the lockdown.

As the traffic receded and pollution levels dipped, the silence of the lockdown in Bengaluru was broken by bird song.  Sunit Singh, Founder, Design Capital, says he began to hear unfamiliar chirps, calls and tweets through the day.

Armed with his Nikon D500, he started venturing out into the grounds. His residential community is surrounded by lush foliage, including avocado and fig trees and a plethora of blooming plants.  More nests had begun to dot the trees. On his expeditions, Sunit would spot not just the doves, kites and mynahs that are reasonably common in the city, but rarer birds like parakeets, wagtails, kingfishers, drongos, barbets, egrets and many more.  His list of uncommon sightings include the Black Drongo, Cinerous Tit, Grey Heron, Green Bee-eater, Pied Bushchat and White-breasted Water Hen.

White-breasted water hen

Singh started by sharing images in the community Whatsapp group.  As the number of sightings and photographs grew, he realised the need for better documentation and the idea of a book was born.

What started out as a gap-filler and break from a WFH regime, ended up being something that gifted us moments of wonder, freedom and calm.  We’ve called the book ‘Nature Unlocked’, because we hope it will remind people of how generous Nature is, and how it is us humans who keep her in a state of near-permanent lockdown.

Sunit Singh

Proceeds from Sales

Nature Unlocked has a forward by Sudhir Sethi, Founder & Chairman, Chirate Ventures and Singh’s neighbour.

Indian white-eye

The proceeds from the sales of ‘Nature Unlocked’ will go towards the KVN Foundation’s FeedmyCity initiative, which provides meals to underprivileged families impacted by the lockdown.

The book is priced at Rs.11,000 and  is available for pre-order here. Remember, when you order this book, you provide meals to a 100 families.

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