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Sustainable Packaging for a CBD Brand

Goa-based agency Fuel Design Co, has used recycled paper and soy ink to create sustainable packaging for Australian CBD skincare brand Herb House

CBD Skincare brand packaging

Herb House is a premium cannabiodiol (CBD) skincare brand in Australia, developed by experienced dermatologists using high-quality cannabis. Launched in April 2021, the brand worked with Goa-based agency Fuel Design to develop their identity and packaging.

Australian consumers are discerning when it comes to sustainability and ethically sourced products. Research shows that nine in ten Australians are likely to choose ethical and sustainable products over unsustainable ones. 85% of consumers would like brands to be transparent about how sustainable their products are.

“This,” says Rhys Camara, Founder and Creative Director, Fuel Design, “made sustainable packaging a no-brainer.”

“While researching sustainable materials, soy ink stood out. The print quality was phenomenal, colors were rich and accurate compared to petroleum-based ink. From a sustainability standpoint, it enabled Herb House boxes to be recycled easier. The boxes themselves are made from recycled boxboards. The boxboard is made from fresh fibres, which can be traced back to their source in sustainably managed forests.” 

Rhys Camara, Founder & Creative Director, Fuel Design

CBD products that exist in the market today are promoted heavily through fitness influencers and Instagram models (none of whom are medical professionals or actual authorities in the healthcare industry). This has led to a trust deficit amongst consumers.

The Herb House identity was designed to communicate the brand’s scientific credentials

The majority of these products are typically embellished with a cannabis leaf, leaning heavily on the fact that the product contains CBD, without highlighting what else it contains. The team at Fuel Design says they wanted to stay away from these cliches and instead stress that Herb House has been created by dermatologists and experienced cosmetic formulators. Instead of hiding behind elaborate visuals, the idea was to communicate the scientific credentials of the Herb House range.

The final design channels that ideology by having the ingredients listed in clear, easy-to-read type on the face of the box. The logo is a modern minimal take on an apothecary-themed design.

The final design lists ingredients on the front of the pack and channels an apothecary-inspired vibe

How difficult is it to work from Goa on a brand meant for non-Indian markets?

Camara admits that while the studio has worked with several global clients before, there was an initial push-back because the team was not located in the target market. However, the Covid-induced lockdown meant that they could conduct their research for the project without physically being present in Australia. Fuel Design hopes that this will become a more widely accepted way of working, allowing studios from India to work beyond geographical borders.


  1. Fully endorse the no-leaf strategy. It takes guts to against category codes. Wondering if an Indian brand would have agreed though

  2. This is Amazing! Love your work Fuel Design Co. Current times have shown that quality work has no geographical boundaries.

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