1. Very cheeky of these Shibusa guys. But Team THC I recall you saying that all is fair in love and customer acquisition

  2. I like Sukh’s attitude. Finally, no amount of tactic work – the customer likes your product or they don’t

  3. This is a smart marketing move but may not work in this case. I am a March customer. I can get a million cheaper Ts – but that’s not the point. But honestly could work in a more commoditised space

  4. I know everyone will get holier than thou and be politically correct but when you are a startup, you try everything. If it’s working, why not?

  5. I have a D2C brand. I honestly did not think about competitors outbidding me. Thanks Team THC Deepak and Meeta, you are just rock solid

  6. This is a good tactic by Shibusa. They lined up on the mid-premium tee market that March’s premium product did not bother. At the same time, blocking out March from counter-offering a product with fewer features in mid-premium, as Shibusa already claim to be as good as competitor’s premium product.
    On the other hand, it is a entrepreneurial test for March…how they will solve this problem through product innovation. Game on!

    • Hi Sid, would like to differ slightly from this. As a wise folk far West dis put down that Strategy is all about deciding whom to leave. A medimix soap won’t care if it is losing out on customers looking for beauty soaps. The good folks of Medimix have decided not to serve those customers.

      So when you said “They lined up on the mid-premium tee market that March’s premium product did not bother”, do you imply that March should be serving both – mid premium and premium segment?

      • Thanks Sumit for pointing that out. In hindsight, I’d use the word ‘target’, not ‘bother’.
        Yet, the point remains that March could lose new customers (while old ones may remain loyal). That’s because a plain cotton tee is after all a plain cotton tee. Brand power can carry it only so far once competition offers a similar quality product. That’s why March’s answer must be product innovation, not better marketing!

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