1. Wow, this stuff looks amazing. I went to order but the women Ts are all sold out. Product request: Notify me when back in stuck

  2. The Muji of India. But. Muji was born in Japan. I would be very very interested to see how they scale here.

    • I am a March customer and I can tell you that their stuff is way better quality than Muji. They understand apparel – Muji never did

  3. Fab story. Loved the Napkin economics. Thanks for sharing Sukh and THC. Very valuable for people thinking of getting into d2c

  4. I hope a lot of people read this story. In India, there is the myth that design + revenue can’t go together. Everything needs to look ugly to make money. Thank god for brands like March

  5. You should show how cool their packaging is – with the pencil. Ordered for my boyfriend. Loved it. When will they start women?

  6. Sukh’s ‘napkin economics’ are interesting.. A very inspiring story from a home grown brand.. Keep shining you guys!!!

  7. There is long way to go for March. I am a March customer since last 3 years. Their customer service speaks for itself.

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