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Assistive Design: This Innovative Mechanism Makes Commuting Easier

TurnPlus allows passengers with disabilities to enter and exit a car easily

Assistive Design: This Innovative Mechanism Makes Commuting Easier

There are about 2.68 crore people with disabilities in India, but very few solutions that really work. About 20% of differently abled people have difficulty with movement and therefore find it hard to commute. A significant mobility challenge has to do with getting in and out of cars. Available solutions are largely limited to modifications made by local garages, which are expensive and hard to maintain.

Founded by Naina Padaki and Anand Kutre, True Assistive Technology is a young Bangalore-based venture that has designed and developed an innovative assistive product for mobility called TurnPlus.

TurnPlus is a swivel seat mechanism for cars. It fits under the seat and provides for easy entry and exit into the front seat of a passenger car. Installation can be done at the customer’s place in a few hours.

The fact that the solution does not require modification to the existing car seat is a major plus. Not only can the mechanism be dismantled and reinstalled in another vehicle, it addresses the car resale issue, which is a big barrier for many customers. TurnPlus has won several awards and counts corporates like Titan Company amongst its customers.

We need more companies like True, who are thinking about largely ignored segments of the population. You can get in touch with them at

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