1. See this is not such a big deal. Rb or Reckitt all same. But if the name change was really different, it would be very complicated

  2. To,
    The wonder Team,
    The Hard Copy,

    Most humbly and respectfully i want to declare my sincere thanks to the value you are providing to we readers.Do you why i signed up ? Because i got to know that most iims do nothing but make thier student learn business via millions of case studies.So is The Hardcopy.

    With love and Respect,

  3. Very interesting observations. Its never easy to bring in such changes across multiple platforms, and Reckitt must have its hands full.

  4. Changing names in the digital domain is indeed a humongous task. Need a realy digital taskmaster on the job, not agency hierarchy to confuse/slow-down the process.

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