1. Really enjoyed this story – we focus too much on incremental optimisations, forgetting that human emotion is the most important driver

  2. Contrast this with Jio policy. Swiggy could have just made Big Basket clone and max changed a few colours. Then they cd have shipped in 1 day, not 1 month. Kudos that they did not take that approach and been one more grocery app

    • Ya dude but don’t forget Swiggy had an unfair advantage – they had data from their store delivery ops. Just like Amazon. Why no mention of that THC?

  3. Very interesting but feel that this is not answering the big question in my mind. How do you think like this when deadline is so tight? In my co, we would all be sacked 🙂 For all new offerings do they follow same process? Team THC request you to hold a webinar with Srinath and Swiggy team

  4. Has Swiggy hired people from companies like P&G? Genuine question – would love to know if that is helpful instead of startup folk only hiring the same startup folk

  5. I read Instacart instead of Instamart and I was surprised that THC had started covering the US 🙂 I don’t know Swiggy but loved the story anyway. Great job Meeta & team. Would actually love a story like this on Instacart

  6. Can you make the experience like really entering a store, browsing through the products, going through the small lanes, with products stacked in the shelves and picking up what people like. More like a 3D gaming experience. It will be something new & great.

  7. Story is great but we now expect that from THC, but for me the bigger thing is Swiggy sharing their insights with the ecosystem. If I am not wrong, swiggy was the first team to start their design blog on Medium and then everyone followed. I agree with the other comments that we need a deep dive into the culture that enables this. +1 for a webinar with Srinath

  8. Interesting and quite defining. Scootsy was similar and probably the best amongst the 4-5. And I gather it is now Swiggy 🙂 I have been following most of the food and retail apps since their launch. And still find that the customer perception is from their perception and not customer. The Big Data takes into account purchases but not emotions that go into it. Here the Data will need to be married to softer nuances and observations to make a large difference. But both Swiggy and Zomato are getting better. But who will decide consistency, convenience & cost Against just offers. Time will tell

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