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How to Evaluate Events

Should your brand do physical events, how do you justify the investment and how do you measure success? All the answers in one place

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Do events with a listening mindset to build relationships and gather insights, not for hard sales

Real-life events are back but they are far from easy.

Physical events are resource-intensive and all too often, you could end up thinking that you could reach the same number of people digitally for a fraction of the cost and headache.

That’s a mistake.

Human connection is critical, especially in a downturn. Whether you are building a B2B or B2C brand, you need to see and speak to your target audience in real life, to build trust and relationships.

Events are not just about massive gatherings – even coffee with a few customers qualifies as an event for your brand. We’ve busted this myth and many others for you.

Events: All You Need to Know

Examples of Events

Examples of events, big and small to inspire you into taking the leap.

Event Evaluation Template

We put together a handy template for evaluating events. Download the Google sheet to your device and edit as required.


What have been your learnings from events? Share with the community in the comments

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