What are the implications of the Myntra logo controversy for designers and brands? Do we now need some ‘obscenity’ check?


  1. The controversy should have no impact on the way you design, or the logos that brands choose to use. It is impossible to account for factors that have no basis in reason or logic.
  2. Sadly, the implications are grave because it is a dangerous precedent. Books, films, art – and now logos – everything is fair game. We will see more of this, as it becomes clear that sticking to a stand has perilous, even life-threatening consequences for businesses and employees.
  3. There is one thing we should all do, although it is a long-term view. We should all do more to deconstruct and demystify our work. Brands need to discuss their design approaches in more public forums, beyond the usual insulated bubbles. Designers and marketers need to look at the outside world from a lens that is wider than “user research.” It is up to us as a community to foster a greater respect for the creative process amongst Indians at large. This is a long, torturous, but essential journey.

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