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Rahul Saini, Chief Design Officer, Paytm Makes a Recommendation

The biggest mistake you can make is to give up too early

There are three things that I recommend all designers do:

  1. Iterate
  2. Iterate
  3. Iterate
  • The first iteration is when you feel your product is ready for your audience
  • The second iteration should include the changes you make to your product in the light of usage data and insights.
  • The third is when you double down, innovate and launch a version that doesn’t just meet user expectations, it surpasses them. 

This is the only way to create products that people will love. Too many people tire out before they get to the third stage and they end up not doing justice to their vision.

Don’t believe stories of overnight success – it’s a long, hard grind and the winners are the ones who have the grit and resilience to keep moving forward. Keep the faith and keep energy reserves and resources for that final push.


  1. Finally you are judged by product that users get in their hands – not by amount of effort. Final iteration shd not be incremental but mostly it is

  2. Very true. Everyone says resilence is impt but very few talk about how the last push and how it can make the diff between success and failure. Teams have to plan for this but no one does

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