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Marketing Metrics for Founders. (Part 3: >100 cr)

You’re in the big league now. You have a well-run business, an established brand and you’re probably being invited to panel discussions. To guide you through what comes next, THC teams up with Arindam Paul, CBO Atomberg, in part 3 of our series.

As a founder, what marketing metrics should I focus on?
We get that question a lot.

We teamed up with someone who knows a thing or three about the topic  – Arindam Paul, Chief Business Officer at Atomberg. Arindam’s tweet threads for marketers are legendary and together, we present a multi-part series to help founders who are scaling their businesses.

If your ARR is under Rs. 100 crores, we recommend you look through Part 1 and Part 2 first.

Congratulations on making it to this stage. You are at a place that most people in dorm rooms and board rooms dream about. Just don’t forget to invite us to your IPO party.

If you are monitoring a metric we’ve left out, do add in the comments so other founders can benefit.

Metrics that Matter

You’re now in the big league. You might want to go public, or sell, or just power on on your own. Either way, you now want to build a business with such salience that you can afford to delink marketing. In this stage, there are a lot of ways ahead for your business – but broadly, only two things you should do for marketing – build distribution and brand as differentiators. 

Dive Deeper 

Unsure how to calculate a metric? Want more details about a tip shared above? Here are the full Twitter / X threads written by Arindam, referenced in the cards above.

(Note: Some threads are sub-threads, ie, the original thread might be about a larger topic. Feel free to scroll up and start reading the thread from the beginning)

[1] Distribution metrics to track

[2] Dominating evaluation phase

[3] Advertising on TV

[4] All brand differentiation metrics to track

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